5 Ways People Track Their 5000-23s: #5 GroundHog LMS

After struggling with all the previously discussed “solutions” for 5000-23 management, it is inevitable that H&S personnel come looking for a better option. GroundHog LMS is that better option. With the ability to keep track of every single person in the workplace’s training, forms and certs it is now possible to achieve 100% regulatory compliance, 100% of the time. What makes GroundHog LMS so much better than Excel or paper? Let’s take a look.

Expiring Certificate and Training Notification:

Never let someone operate equipment or perform a task without current training again. Keep track of everyone in the workplace training in one location. Obviously, non-compliance is too expensive to take a risk with paper and excel.

Digital Form Management:

Keeping track of physical forms and documents is a headache and is inviting the possibility of lost or misplaced forms. With GroundHog LMS, keep the whole mine’s forms organized by operator and access any of them instantly and with ease.

24×7 Online/Offline Access:

MSHA inspections are stressful and fines are high. Eliminate the risk of fines by ensuring every operator has their training and certs on them at all times with the help of GroundHog LMS mobile. 24×7 online and offline functionality ensures that GroundHog LMS goes wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

To learn more about GroundHog LMS and to start using it for free today, click here.

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