How to Empower Decision Making with Validated Data in Real Time

First line task coordinators need to be able to make informed decisions. However that isn’t always as simple as it may seem when you factor in the communication difficulties of an underground mine. Fortunately, recent developments in technology, specifically the development of short interval control, have made better decision making a possibility. Using validated real-time data, mines can tear the lid off of their underground ops to make more informed, more effective decisions. 

Consistent Information:

Having information consistently coming to supervisors and decision makers is critical to quality decision making. Of course this is difficult in a conventional underground mine, where the only data for decision making may become available at the end of a shift. This means that any time wasted without a task assigned or with equipment sitting still is money thrown away. With digital SIC, supervisors can see and update task information in real-time. This means that wasted time is kept to a minimum and mines can get the most out of every shift.

Reliable Data:

No amount of data will help you if you can’t be certain it is reliable. That’s why SIC is critical. A combination of digital data collection and human verification is critical. That is the only way to that every metric necessary for decision making is accurate and concise.

Key Analytics:

At the end of the day, supervisors need to be able to make bigger picture decisions as well. Enter groundHog SIC. groundHog SIC provides automatically generated reports at the end of each shift that allow for a clear understanding of everything that went on in the mine during that shift. Consequently, this knowledge allows for much better decision making and in turn guarantees an increase in productivity.

To learn more about groundHog SIC and how SIC could revolutionize your mine, or to sign up today, click here.

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