Task training doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it. Here’s why

Task training in mines can be a massive headache for health & safety managers, especially when you aren’t utilizing proper tools. That’s why in today’s blog we’ll be taking a lot at a few of the ways you can improve your mine’s task training greatly.

Be Proactive:

Training and certificates expire, and when they do, you have to renew them. The easy thing to do is wait until a bunch of training is expiring and try to renew it all at once. That isn’t going to go well, ever. A better option is to use a digital training management software like GroundHog LMS. Using GroundHog LMS, you receive notifications of upcoming expirations and can easily view all training in one dashboard. This means a clear view of all task training, making it easy to avoid a pile-up of work. Simply administer training regularly through GroundHog LMS, and don’t worry about any serious time-crunches.

Make Sure Your Training Fits Your Needs:

There are not two mines in existence with exactly the same needs. That’s why customization is key when it comes to task training. The ability to create a training plan that fits your exact needs is incredibly valuable. Not only will it save you time, it will allow your trainers to go more in depth wherever necessary, building a stronger set of skills for your workers.

Make Sure Your Training Fits Your Needs:

By leveraging proper software, it is possible to ensure proactivity and customization when it comes to your task training. The best software for this is GroundHog LMS. GroundHog LMS provides a simple dashboard that allows for an overview of all certificates and training. It will notify you when training is expiring and allows for 100% custom training to be administered through the app. Following training, GroundHog LMS can generate MSHA compliant certificates and easily store them digitally.

To learn more about GroundHog LMS and to sign up for free today, click here.

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