Building the Quarries of Tomorrow, Today

Quarries have been in use for thousands of years. However, in principle, they haven’t changed a lot. In short, their purpose remains the same. Fortunately, the 21st century has brought with it technological possibilities to change quarries for the better. For instance, quarryHog.

With the power of quarryHog, quarries have the potential to be more productive than ever before. Navigating any of quarryHog’s tailored interface’s makes it easy for supervisor’s to track the location of equipment, access analytics, and make fast, well informed decisions.

Enhanced Production Scheduling –

quarryHog’s cutting-edge scheduling imports long-range schedule and “tunable parameters” from your production plan. A capability matrix identifies skill and effectiveness. Then, it and matches operators to the most effective equipment; creating shift task lists for supervisors to review and dispatch.

Digitized Data Collection –

Record and capture data on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This enables quick operational assessments from the command center, streamlining health and safety inspections, as well as supporting compliance with environmental impact regulations.

Automated equipment and work-site inspections –

Tracking and analyzing equipment performance is crucial to consistent quarry performance. quarryHog’s customizable digital inspection process ensures precise auditing. Reports, which integrate with back-end systems, can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Digital fleet inspections use production scheduling and location tracking to enable quarries to keep their equipment running at 100 percent.

Real-Time Location Tracking –

quarryHog integrates with next-level technology to track the precise location of equipment, helping to optimize current shifts and plan upcoming shifts. Integrated with the production scheduling and control system, quarryHog’s real-time location tracking system integrates with a GPS transponder overlaying real-time location information of equipment over a navigation display.

Never leave assets sitting unused with the power of real-time tracking.

Analytics and Intelligence –

Finally, outputs from equipment and infrastructure are integrated to deliver insights. Using machine learning, analytics systems understand your quarry. For example, they help automatically dispatch a renewed schedule after disturbances in operations.

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