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Reflect is a proprietary GroundHog FMS infrastructure that allows Supervisors and Dispatchers at the OpsCenter to start a secure “Remote Desktop” into any operator’s Tablet or SmartPhone. It is used for training and debugging purposes. The OpsCenter picks a tablet/SmartPhone to Reflect into by requesting access. When the Operator grants access, the GroundHog FMS Operator App screen is streamed in real-time to the OpsCenter. The OpsCenter uses this to assist the Operator to perform their next steps. Using reflect, supervisors can also monitor operators usage of GroundHog FMS as it happens instead of reviewing a historical log.

Remember when your parents would say “If you get lost, stay where you are”? Employee training should work the same way.

Tips for GroundHog FMS Reflect –

Isolate Problems –

In regards to both training and debugging, isolation is the key. Collect all necessary information from the operator and work to find the root of the problem. It is almost always easiest to solve only the immediate problem. This will of course mean more work in the future, though. If supervisors take the time to untangle problems and find out where they stem from, they can expect to see an improvement in performance.

Be Methodical –

Be Methodical. This is especially important when using Reflect to train an employee. Remember when your parents would say “If you get lost, stay where you are”? Employee training should work the same way. It is easy to drag someone through a crash course over Reflect, but that will not provide the desired long-term results. If the operator is “lost”, supervisors have to stop and fill and knowledge gaps, this may seem tedious, but being methodical in training is incredibly important.

Communicate Effectively but Avoid Excessive Feedback –

When giving an operator feedback through Reflect, it’s important to be selective with your communication. If a supervisor becomes too nit-picky with their feedback, the important lessons will be lost. This will also come down to the knowledge a supervisor has of their personnel. If a skilled employee is capable of digesting huge amounts of information, sure, educate them fully. However, when in doubt, eir on the side of only communicating the necessary information for the sake of efficiency if nothing else.

Give Responsibility –

When working with someone remotely it is easy to run through the steps quickly and essentially complete the task for them. However, this will likely only result in having to do the exact same thing again later. When using Reflect, the goal should ultimately be to never have to use if for the same thing twice. To make that a reality, supervisors using OpsCenter need to assist operators by providing them knowledge and feedback but not hold their hand. Granting an operator responsibility ensures that they are actually learning how to complete the task and not just being blindly led.

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