The Power of IoT in Mining

Internet of things technology and connected workforces are hardly a new concept, unfortunately the mining industry has long had a tendency to avoid adopting new technology. However, in an increasingly competitive industry, the decision to digitize is becoming less and less optional.

What is IoT:

Put simply, it is the connection of devices through the internet. From smartphones to appliances to equipment sensors, there are truly endless applications to the internet of things.

IoT in Mining Benefits:

In a mine, there are a number of benefits to IoT. From real time location tracking, to enabling data-driven decisions. It can connect every point of data collection between the face and sale to ensure that all necessary data is available.

Higher Degree of Safety:

IoT in mines can boost safety in a number of ways. Some of the most common applications are real-time hazard reports and digital inspections apps. These serve to enable quick corrective actions to ensure the amount of hazards on-site are minimized.

Real-Time Reporting:

Real-time reporting means real-time decision making. By keeping a constant, clear view of everything going on in the mine, supervisors can make high-quality, data-driven decisions and keep productivity at a maximum.

Automated Workflows:

Sensors and RFID tags on equipment ensure proactive servicing of equipment to eliminate bottlenecks dangerous to the productivity of a mine. Additionally, IoT in mining delivers automated workflows, minimizing delays and making sure projects keep moving forward.

Continuous Improvement:

The most important benefit of IoT is data. It provides data to make continuous improvement. Data uncovers areas that workers can refine to work more effectively. Furthermore, by repeating the process of collecting and utilizing data mines can ensure continuous improvement.

Taking IoT in Mining to the Next Level:

With GroundHog, you can take your mine to the next level by harnessing the power of IoT. To learn more about how you can work with GroundHog to implement IoT solutions, click here.

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