How to Read Telemetry Data from Normet Equipment?


GroundHog’s mission is to digitize every mine worldwide and share learned insights to accelerate industry innovation. This eBook focuses on how to read telemetry data from Normet equipment, particularly their diesel engines, to enhance maintenance and operational efficiency.

Types of Engines in Normet Equipment

Diesel Engines

Normet uses high-performance diesel engines from manufacturers like Deutz, Cummins, and Volvo Penta. These engines are known for their durability and efficiency in demanding underground mining and tunneling applications. They conform to the CAN Open and J1939 protocols, which are essential for telemetry and diagnostics.

Electric Engines

Normet also offers electric and battery-powered equipment, like the SmartDrive series, to meet the demands for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. These engines reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency, making them ideal for operations with limited ventilation or stringent environmental regulations.

GroundHog Telemetry Solution

GroundHog’s telematics solution collects real-time and historical equipment health and production data from mining equipment. This data is processed to generate insights for mobile maintenance and mine operations, laying the foundation for predictive maintenance.

Diagnostic Ports in Heavy Equipment

Diagnostic ports in heavy equipment are used primarily for maintenance tasks. These ports vary in shape and size depending on the engine manufacturer but generally conform to the J1939 standard for heavy equipment diagnostics. They provide access to the equipment’s Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and onboard diagnostics systems.

Uses of Diagnostic Ports

Retrieving Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs): Technicians use diagnostic tools to retrieve DTCs, which indicate specific faults within the equipment’s systems.

Monitoring Equipment Parameters: Real-time data from various sensors and control modules help assess the equipment’s performance.

Updating and Reprogramming Software: Maintenance personnel can upload new software or firmware updates to the ECUs.

Generating Health and Status Reports: Diagnostic tools generate detailed reports on the equipment’s condition.

Logging and Analyzing Data: Collected operational data can be analyzed to identify trends and optimize maintenance schedules.

Calibrating and Configuring Systems: Technicians can perform calibrations and configure system parameters to ensure accurate and efficient operation.



GroundHog’s telemetry solutions help mining operations monitor and maintain equipment efficiently. By understanding and utilizing data from diagnostic ports, mining operations can enhance equipment reliability, performance, and safety, ultimately contributing to the industry’s digitization and innovation goals.

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