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GroundHog uses RTK receivers, a base station, and antennas to achieve 2cm precision in guiding drilling and digging machines.

Yes, GroundHog provides comprehensive telemetry data tracking, including metrics like tonnage, engine hours, and fuel consumption.

GroundHog enables operators to capture critical operational data for both drilling and digging ensuring alignment with mine plans.

Example of data captured:

Drilling Data: #Holes Drilled, Drill Angle, Drilling Progress

Digging Data: Track specific blocks being excavated and record the grade of the material extracted from each dig block.

GroundHog creates and manages effective blasting schedules, ensures compliance with safety standards, and monitors blast performance. Our explosives management tool, MagLogs, also helps you manage your magazines and maintain compliance.

For Open Pit mines – GroundHog provides automated trip counting, cycle time capture, route optimization, and performance insights for haul trucks.

For Underground mines – GroundHog provides RTLS system, that can help with traffic management underground. Cycle time can be captured manually via operator input.

GroundHog captures data across all workflows, including drilling, blasting, digging, loading, and hauling. It also tracks material movement and cycle times.

GroundHog automates data capture for compliance, generates detailed reports, and validates operations against planned metrics.