GroundHog Underground Fleet Management System

Automate Haulage Tracking, Optimize Haul Cycles, Monitor Stockpiles and Manage Equipment Health

Our State-of-the-art Fleet Management System helps Ops Centers continuously monitor haulage, face utilization, equipment availability and utilization, fleet health. Also, it automatically track tonnage and material movement.


GroundHog Telematics, RTLS, GeoFencing, and Drone Data integrations enable automated real-time monitoring of production progress — no operator input required.

GroundHog Telematics

Who Uses GroundHog Mining Fleet Management System

GroudHog peer-to-peer
Superintendents, Foremen

Who need to maximize equipment utilization by continuously monitor haulage, advance rates, consumables and other KPIs to meet production goals.

GroundHog Mobile Maintenance Mine Digitization Software Maintenance
Maintenance Managers

Who need to maximize equipment availability and minimize ‘down maintenance’ by continuously monitoring equipment health and equipment inspections performed by miners.

GroundHog peer-to-peer

Who need to reliably log and report all production activities and consumables used and log all potential  sources of production losses so supervisors can make appropriate in-shift and cross-shift decisions.

Automatically track mining production KPIs in real-time.

Supervisors, OpsCenters and Mine Managers use GroundHog FMS and its out-of-the-box reporting capabilities to get the most up-to-date information on haulage, haul cycles, advance rates, face utilization, equipment availability and utilization.

Short Interval Control for mining

Monitor eqiupment health information from on-board telematics

Maintenance uses the FMS’s telematics integration to monitor equipment health data from on-board telematics

Track material and consumables at all times

OpsCenter operators and Superintendents track consumable usage and generate re-supply schedules so production never stops because equipment is waiting for consumables. 

Geologists track broken ground inventory, inventory in muck piles and in transit along with material grade. 

Short Interval Control for mining