5 benefits of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) for meeting compliance requirements


Mining companies operate in a highly regulated environment, facing overwhelming compliance requirements to ensure worker safety, environmental protection, and efficient operations. Keeping real-time track of assets, equipment, and personnel is crucial for compliance adherence. This is where Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) come into play, transforming the mining industry by enhancing transparency, safety, and efficiency.  Let’s […]

Jobsite Specific Hazard Training


Training is one of the most important things that a company can do to improve its safety and productivity.  This is especially true when it comes to employees who are not only new to the company, but also new to an industry like mining.  There are really three parts of new employee training, but most […]

Enhancing Efficiency and Safety: Automatic Trip Counting in Open Pit Hauler-Loader Operations

Open Pit

Introduction In the mining industry, the efficient movement of materials is crucial for productivity and safety. Open pit mining operations often involve using Haulers and Loaders to transport materials from source to destination. Ensuring accurate trip counting in these operations is essential for monitoring productivity and maintaining safety standards. There are multiple ways to do […]

GroundHog Install at SMS in India

Deployment Model for Site: Underground SIC & Weighbridge Integration Site Information GroundHog Deployed the OpsCenter for Dispatch and integrated with Weighbridge for automatic payload tracking.  Production Operations Management – Pre-GroundHog The site had about 70 supervisors (about 50 mine supervisors and 20 on the mechanical and electrical side) who captured or recorded data underground. Each […]

Automating Trip Counting in Mines Using Tilt Sensors

Trip Counting

The Role of Trip Counting in Mining Mining operations involve transporting materials from excavation sites to processing or storage areas. Accurate trip counting is essential for several reasons: 1. Resource Management: Accurate trip counts help mine operators keep track of the amount of material extracted and transported. This data is crucial for resource planning, production […]

6 Benefits of Purpose-Built Remote Monitoring Technologies

Benefits of Purpose-Built Remote Monitoring Technologies As technology continues to advance the way mines operate in real time, operations are expanding into even more remote and challenging environments, and deeper below the earth’s surface. Sometimes far removed from access to nearby infrastructure, this shift continues to make it even more essential to adopt remote monitoring […]

GroundHog Platform Overview

OpsCenter Platform

GroundHog provides a comprehensive platform for operations, maintenance, quality, and safety. Here is an overview of our platforms. GroundHog OpsCenter Platform is our flagship platform. It is a comprehensive production planning and control platform with several modules designed to help mines maximize their tonnes per shift safely.  With the GroundHog OpsCenter platform, mines are able […]

Preventing accidents with key operational technologies

Operational technologies

Mining is demanding by nature, and the industry carries high stakes around the clock. It’s well known that safety is of paramount importance. There are many operational technologies that specifically aim to prevent accidents and incidents on-site. Today we’ll be covering two of the most critical operational tools that are powerful enablers of increased safety: […]

Why GroundHog is the Superior Choice over Newtrax and MST for Your Mine


Last week in Part I of our series on Real Time Locating Systems, we discussed safety and demonstrated that GroundHog’s RTLS offers far more to keep your people safe than its competitors like Newtrax or MST. Today our Mine Digitization and Automation series continues its look at RTLS by offering another plain truth – You […]