Low cost, Lightning Quick Proximity Detection and Collision Alerts System (CAS)

Increase Situational Awareness.  Reduce Risk. Protect your miners.


CAS Collision Alert System for Underground Mines- 2
CAS Beacons for Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance
Self-contained, self-powered CAS Hardware

Our proximity detector comes in its own IP-67 case, with a built-in long-lasting battery. This means no worries about power or external equipment – just attach it to your equipment, configure it to the equipment, and GO!

These proximity beacons have been thoroughly tested in underground mining environments

Get instant alerts. No more guess work

Instant video alerts and loud audio alerts increase situational awareness for the miner to ‘see around’ blind corners at cross-cuts and pillars. 

CAS Proximity Detection Collision Alert Messages
GroundHog CAS collision alerts and proximity detection
Safety and situational awareness, at a fraction of the cost for underground mines

GroundHog’s CAS unit is a simple yet ingenious device that uses standard off-the-shelf hardware to detect and alert miners of approaching equipment. This means higher safety levels, increased efficiency, and huge savings by reducing risks