Inventory Management System for Mine Operations and Maintenance​

Track, Monitor and Control your Parts and Consumables Inventory, Anywhere, Anytime.

GroundHog IMS Inventory Management System

GroundHog uses state-of-the-art technology to track all types of consumables at your Maintenance Connexes and at your Production Consumable Warehouses and laydowns, including underground laydowns that have no WiFi. Miners simply use an App to check-in and check-out inventory. 

Simple Install

Easily upload your parts list and print QR codes or barcodes for each of your parts.

Easy to train

Easily train your miners and technicians to use the IMS app to take stock-ups, and check-in/check-out consumables.

Automated Reports

Get automated reports, including end-of-day stock, weekly usage trends, and consumables cost per Tonne. Build your own too.

Receive notifications

Get notifications when certain parts and consumables reach low watermarks. 

Get Full Visibility​

With the GroundHog Inventory Management System, Operations Superintendents, Maintenance Supervisors and Procurement teams have an accurate inventory at all of your consumables – operational and maintenance – across all of your warehouses and laydowns, including underground laydowns.

GroundHog Inventory Management Mining Consumables
RTLS - Underground Safety and Situational Awareness

Accurate Production and Maintenance Costs

Integrations with the GroundHog Fleet Management Module helps Mine Managers accurately track consumables cost per Tonne mined so they can build more accurate budgets for subsequent financial years.

Integrations with the GroundHog Maintenance Module enables Maintenance Planners and Superintendents to get accurate costs to maintain each piece of equipment in their fleet.

Better Inventory Management Increases Equipment Availability

Real-Time view into inventory provides quick access to parts and supplies and helps reduce delays due to insufficient stocking. Operators can order parts through GroundHog Fleet Management System, Dispatcher can communicate with the Procurement team via GroundHog Ops Center, Procurement team can replenish them immediately, leading to faster response times, improved equipment availability, and better inventory management.

GroundHog Launches New Inventory Management System for Store Parts in a Mine
GroundHog Launches New Inventory Management System for Store Parts in a Mine - mobile

Forecast replenishment schedules​​

GroundHog enables Procurement Teams to make smarter decisions on when to order new inventory. They can easily monitor the demand for their products and accurately predict future demand to ensure they always have the necessary inventory on hand. Automated reports such as end-of-day stock and weekly usage also help the procurement team get a trended view of the inventory and cost.

Learn how the underlying technology works.

Get Timely Notifications

With the GroundHog Inventory Management System, you can set low stock watermarks so that when the inventory of parts and consumables reaches certain thresholds, the system will trigger an alert notification. Overstocking critical components can be an issue; these alerts are helpful in such cases. GroundHog can also send out notifications when the inventory levels are too high or some inventory is moving slow or you just need a reminder to re-order.

GroundHog Launches New Inventory Management System for Store Parts in a Mine

Pilot On-boarding

GroundHog RTLS Underground Safety hardware

Forecast replenishment schedules​​

GroundHog uses off-the-shelf  hardware that mines can deploy at ramps, headings, stopes, cross-cuts, ore-passes, muckbays, grizzlies, and wherever else you  may work underground to track all equipment and personnel. Also attach to equipment as an when necessary. 


Learn how the underlying technology works