GroundHog Safety LMS

Stress-free Safety Training LMS that meets regulatory and operational safety requirements.
93% less effort than paper and excel

Safety Directors use GroundHog Safety Training LMS to ensure that every employee has been properly safety trained on a task before they perform their job. Trainers use GroundHog QR Tags and the Training Grid to quickly lookup every task an employee has been trained on. And the next set of training they need to complete to meet their Individual Development Plans. Safety Directors monitor their Hog score, get weekly reports, and 30, 60, 90 day reminders of employees that need to be retrained.

GroundHog Safety Training LMS integrates with various HR Management Systems and Fleet Management systems so management has a 360 degree view of every employee.

GroundHog LMS for Mines

Who Uses GroundHog LMS?

Underground Mines
Safety Trainers

Who need to need to Task Train employees and issue MSHA and OSHA compliant Training Certificates, track re-training requirements and create Individual Development Plans for various job types.

GroundHog Safety Manager Digital EHS HSE
Safety Managers

Who need quick access to safety training records when performing incident investigations, near misses and other safety related activities to ensure compliance.

Underground Mines
Superintendents, Foremen

Who need access to safety training records when assigning personnel to various tasks that need to be performed at the site depending on who showed up.

Quickly lookup every employee’s Safety Training.

Safety Trainers use GroundHog QR Tags or the GroundHog Training Grid for one-click lookups of an employee’s safety training record.

Supervisors can quickly lookup alternate resources to perform a job when an employee does not show up.

GroundHog LMS Safety Training QR Code
Contractor Safety Training Tracker

Perform training and issue compliant training certificates, anywhere, anytime.

Safety Trainers use the LMS to create Training Plans, and perform trainer led or self-paced training – either in a classroom or out in the field – even when there is no network.

All training certificates are compliant with local regulations. In the US, Trainers use GroundHog LMS to issue MSHA 5000-23s, OSHA, FDA, and DOT certificates.

Create Competency Groups and organize data by crews, job types, expertise and more.

Safety teams can easly organize training data by site, crew, job type, seniority and any other user defined parameters.

Safety teams create Competency Groups and Individual Development Plans and track training progress towards those plans.

GroundHog LMS Training Modules

Trainers use GroundHog LMS because managing Task Training using paper is too godda***d stressful.
Trainers use GroundHog LMS because managing Task Training using Excel is too complicated and confusing.
Trainers use GroundHog LMS because a homegrown database is too technical for Safety folks.