Digital Transformation and Change Management in Mining

Groundhog: Digital Transformation and Change Management in Mining

This book is the result of our experience with helping world-class mines digitize their operations. As a builder of apps and platforms that enable mines to run safer and more profitable, we bring you an honest perspective rooted in ground reality.

“Digitization” is a buzzword that’s like the flu – it seems to be everywhere at once, everyone seems to have come in contact with it, and no one’s immune to it.


However, unlike the flu, digitization done right has some real benefits. The challenge is in knowing what those benefits look like for you, knowing where to start, and serving as a ready reference in the future – all while cutting through the noise. That’s what this book will do for you. Use it well, and you could save millions of dollars and maybe even someone’s life.

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Why GroundHog?

Now, every mining operation can significantly increase production and safety 

using off-the-shelf iOS and Android devices and proven processes

Simple and User Friendly

Extremely intuitive software built for miners to do their job, faster

Software Developers with Mining Expertise

Software designed and developed by world class software developers that live and breathe mining

Amazing Support

Our customers love us because we are always there when they need us. 

Trusted by the industry’s biggest mining and tunnelling companies