This e-Book by Chris Michael, from Laser Mining Services, stresses the importance of being super safe and careful when drilling at an underground mine. The book recommends checking the workplace, correctly handling cables, and always paying attention to safety signs.

If you’re involved in drilling operations at your underground mine, safety and precision should be your top priorities. That’s why Chris’ e-Book is an essential guide to have. The e-Book is an SOP and provides helpful tips on conducting thorough workplace exams, proper cable handling, marking drill points, and using backsights to ensure that everyone is safe on the job. It also advises against drilling into butts, handling live cables, and working beyond designated areas.

Regarding drilling procedures, the guide recommends starting with a careful collaring process. Applying full feed once 300mm into the rock will ensure optimal drilling performance. The operator must be vigilant about potential issues such as down creep of booms, maintaining a constant water flow for lubrication, and monitoring drilling sounds for any anomalies. The e-Book highlights the importance of correctly drilling the burn to achieve optimal face performance. Poorly drilled faces can lead to butt-related problems, which can be costly and dangerous.

The e-Book also covers benching, a technique used to increase the vertical size of a stope, and backstopping, necessary when ore is present in the backs. The guide stresses the importance of safety precautions, accurate drilling techniques, and proper face performance consistently throughout. Following the e-Book’s advice, you can prioritize safety and precision in your mining operations. 

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