Drilling For Success

Boosting Ore Quality, Blastibility, Fragmentation, and Productivity with Precision Techniques.

The mining industry can be highly competitive, and maximizing efficiency and productivity is crucial for success. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into how high-precision drilling can help you achieve maximum efficiency and extract minerals more effectively while keeping safety and environmental sustainability in mind.


The ebook details the advantages of high-precision drilling and the limitations of conventional drilling methods. With the help of advanced GPS technology, mining operations can now achieve centimeter-level accuracy during drilling, leading to improved efficiency and safety.


This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in high-precision technology. It provides an explanation of how this technology works and its benefits. In addition, it talks about how the GroundHog Operator App and OpsCenter capture location information, which is then used to provide guidance to the drill operator.


GroundHog’s ebook is a must-read for miners. It shows how using high-precision GPS technology not only boosts safety and efficiency but also helps meet regulations and reduces environmental impact, making mining more sustainable.


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