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Replay is a feature in the GroundHog FMS OpsCenter. It allows supervisors to see exactly what an operator was doing with GroundHog FMS in a step by step event log, or a video replication. This unique capability allows supervisors to conduct an in-depth analysis of productivity down to an individual level. With this tool, mines can better understand where individuals are most productive and how to get the most out f their personnel. In today’s article, we take a look at getting the most out of Replay.

When reviewing activity logs on replay, keep in mind the real-life context behind the data.

Tips For GroundHog FMS Replay –

Don’t Make employees Feel They are Being Monitored –

While Replay is a powerful tool for fine tuning a mine’s productivity, it may cause some initial panic among workers as they may feel they are being monitored. It is important that supervisors address this early to protect morale. Be sure to point out that the data from Replay isn’t being used to get workers in trouble but instead to help workers be the most productive they can be and to allow supervisors to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their personnel.

Understand What goes on Outside of the Application –

This tip is a simple one, but it’s easy to overlook. When reviewing activity logs on replay, keep in mind the real-life context behind the data. Think about things like the size of specific worksite or varying amounts of time it takes to complete certain tasks. Applying context to the situation will make it much easier to understand the data and will allow for supervisors to make significantly better decisions than they would otherwise.

Put the Data to Good Use –

Having dispelled employee fears and applied relevant context, you know have good, reliable data. What’s the best way to apply it? It might seem like the best option is going and finding the least productive employee and telling them to get it together. That’s a terrible idea. The short-term effect may be that employee has an increase in productivity, but the long-term effect is a hit to morale and a feeling of distrust from workers. Instead, the data needs to be approached from a positive angle. If an employee is under-performing it may be fair to ask them to step it up. However, it may be even more effective to find out where they could perform better using the data you have and use someone more well suited to their tasks to take over.

To summarize, GroundHog FMS OpsCenter has incredibly useful features to tweak productivity in mines. If approached the right way, this data can be a powerful tool for supervisors to manage their personnel effectively. To learn more about GroundHog FMS, Click Here.

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