Transform your operational data into actionable insights for faster & better decision making, and increase the efficiency & profitability of your operations

Do more than detect, record, and communicate operational data. Build intelligence from them.


OSI PiMove from complexity to simplicity, from assets OSIsoft PI Systems Services and Consulting by rapidBizApps and processes to operational intelligence with PI System ®. The real-time, highly scalable data infrastructure allows the transformation of operational data into relevant knowledge. Generating, therefore, the value in operational efficiency strategies.

Real-time operational data is created everywhere. The challenge today is to connect the right data with the right people, in the right context, with the right tools, at the right time, to make the right decisions. Together, OSIsoft and rapidBizApps empower these connections.

PI from OSIsoft

PI allows the capture and subsequent use of sensor-based data across your organization to improve efficiency, sustainability, quality, and safety. The PI system, through its infrastructure implementation, facilitates the bridging of information across previous information silos, to make it accessible to all that need to view and act on the information.

Operational Intelligence: Collect, Process, Analyze and Visualize

rapidBizApps offers its clients the ability to manage large volumes of data at high speed and transform them into accurate, varied and viable information within the context of the user’s operation so that they can analyze its processes, make the most optimal decisions and reduce its costs through operational intelligence. This is achieved through a PI System implementation. rapidBizApps delivers, configures, integrates and supports the PI system across a diverse spectrum of industries. Our OSIsoft product offering provides a comprehensive set of components that allow clients from diverse industries to manage assets, optimize performance, reduce downtime, drive innovation and mitigate risk.

Our Services and Consulting in OSIsoft PI System include: