Stress-free SAP Meter Reading Automation for mining equipment

Eliminate errors when capturing Meter Readings from Mining Equipment and Light Vehicles
GroundHog Meter Readings to SAP
GroundHog Telemetry Dongle Installation for SAP

Cost-effective and Super easy to install dongle

GroundHog’s dongle connects to the vehicle’s Diagnostics Port and reads all asset health information, including Engine Hours. The dongle can also be permanently installed. Reads both j1939 and j1908 protocols.

Automatically sync SAP Meter Readings from the GroundHog App

GroundHog parses the data from the Engine’s Diagnostic port, and records the Meter Reading and equipment VIN numbers. GroundHog maintains a map of the Meter IDs for this specific machine in SAP.
GroundHog Telemetry Meter Reading Automation for SAP app
GroundHog Maintenance App for Meter Readings to SAP

Easy-to-use app for maintenance technicians to connect and verify Engine Hour SAP Meter Readings and Machine Health

Miner friendly GroundHog Maintenance Technician’s app connects to the dongle when equipment is in the mining inspection bay or at the maintenance shop to confirm machine meter readings before updating hour meters in SAP

Automatically send Meter Readings to SAP

Use one of 4 different connection mechanisms to send meter readings directly to SAP:
  1. File export (from GroundHog)
  2. Shared Network Drive (SAP Reader)
  3. FTP file repository (SAP reader)
  4. Best Practice API integration with SAP
GroundHog hour meters integration with SAP APIs

Want to learn more about SAP Meter Readings?

Here is a link to SAP’s portal where you can learn about SAP Meter Readings and how they are critical for your SAP Maintenance Planning Strategy and Automation