For Surface/Open Pit Mines

How much of your shift is spent on shift change, locating equipment, tracking haulage, handling downs and delays, doing pre-start inspections, workplace exams, tracking consumables, waiting to refuel and managing safety training?

Spend more time drilling, blasting, and mucking, safely by giving all the data your front line operators need to do each of their jobs right, every day, every time.
Open Pit Mines

Who Uses GroundHog in an Open Pit Mine?

GroundHog peer-to-peer
Superintendents, Foremen

Who need to spend more time prioritizing and resolving downs and delays that lead to production losses, and less time crunching production numbers in the trailer.

Open pit mines

Who need to spend more time operating equipment such as Front Loader, Shovels, Drills and Bolters, and less time waiting in a queue or filling paperwork.

GroundHog Fleet Management SIC
Production Planners

Who need to spend more time performing Preventative Maintenance using data from Equipment Telematics and less time fire-fighting down equipment

GroundHog Safety Analytics
Safety Directors

Who need to need to spend more time prioritizing improvements using analytics to enhance safety, health and environment at the site, and less time dealing with paperwork for regulatory compliance.

GroundHog Safety Manager Digital EHS HSE
Safety Managers

Who need to need to spend more time in the field doing incident investigations, site audits, workplace and environmental exams, and issuing corrective actions and less time in the office filling paperwork.

Underground Mines
Safety Trainers

Who need to need to spend more time training employees, and less time in the office filling out and filing MSHA (regulatory) paperwork

GroudHog peer-to-peer
Mine Managers

Who need to a make real-time data driven decisions to increase production using reliable data feeding decision-support systems, and less time inferring status from spreadsheets from different departments.

Underground Mines
General Managers

Who need decision support systems with KPIs and Insights to maximize NPV of the ore body by reducing AISC and C1 cash costs, and less time chasing data and managing day-to-day operations

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