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GroundHog Mine Supervisor App
We have designed the most powerful app that every shift boss uses to track all the work being done in a shift, faster, better, and safer without overworking their crew. Our AI-powered Short Interval Control software takes care of the majority of your daily scheduling tasks, while also keeping track of their tasks during the shift. Shift hand-offs are now easier, and every miner now knows what they need to get done, and by when, safely.
GroundHog Supervisor App - SIC
Achieve more in less time

With the GroundHog SIC greedy-scheduler, you can plan and schedule your shifts in a matter of minutes to maximise the tonnage you get out of your miners, safely.

Get automatic reminders for safety checks, and send messages to miners

Never forget to do safety checks! With Safety Check Reminders, you’ll never miss another safety check with easy reminders on the app. The Short Interval Control aspect of the app also ensures that every miner has all the information they need to perform their job safely and effectively.

GroundHog Shift Boss - Workplace Inspections
Get notified for delays or downs

We know how important it is to be notified when things go wrong, be it an unexpected delay or a major equipment failure. With our Incident Reporting system, you’ll know instantly when something goes wrong.

GroundHog’s Shift Boss App –
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Groundhog's Shift Boss app gave us the real-time visibility we needed to meet our daily, weekly, and monthly targets.

It took our shift-bosses a couple of weeks to change their line-out process to Groundhog. The supervisor, mine manager and operator apps ensure that everybody is on the same page. The crew now executes shift priorities as one single unit.

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