We are a Mine Digitization Company

Because a digitally connected mine produces a lot more tons, faster and SAFER. 


We at GroundHog are on a mission to see EVERY MINE DIGITIZED. Because with digitization, we’ve helped many mines increase their profitability through increased production rates at lower cost per ton. Digitization, when done right, improves overall performance — we’ve seen it time and time again. 


We specialize in Mining. Using our software and services, we’ve transformed:

* Large Open pit (open cast) metal mines (> 80MTPA)

* Small Open pit (open cast) metal mines (5 – 80 MTPA)

* Large Open pit coal mines (> 80MTPA)

* Small Open pit coal mines (5 – 80 MTPA)

* Quarries and Aggregates ( < 5 MTPA)

* Large Underground Metal mines

* Small Underground Metal mines

Digital keeps mining uninterrupted


Our Vision at GroundHog

Our vision is to see every mine and construction site digitized. This vision drives our mission to bring bleeding-edge technology to our customers to significantly improve productivity and safety across each of our customer sites. Our products and services were first conceived, produced, and tested by some of the finest hard-hat folks from the mines of Nevada, and Alaska to miners in Australia and Indonesia. Our customers and partners love us because our products are SIMPLE and SECURE and our support is AMAZING! And above all, our customers save money. Real Solutions for Real People that will take your production levels to a level that were previously impossible.

What makes us unique:

  • Global Reach
  • Provides More for Less
  • We’re More Than Just Developers
  • We are #getStuffDone


GroundHog Team

Product Manager- GroundHog



System Architect- GroundHog
Program Manager- GroundHog