The ultimate connector: Short-Term Plans to Operational Shift Schedules

Streamlined integration for your Mine Planning and your Mine Ops Teams
The Ultimate Connector that streamlines planning between short-term mine plans built in Deswik and daily shift schedules executed using GroundHog
Deswik Connector Groundhog
A powerful connector that easily converts Deswik’s schedules into Shift Plans for supervisors to execute
Deswik is the leading Mine Design, Modeling and Planning Software used by Technical Services teams. GroundHog is the leading Short Interval Control and Fleet Management software used by Mine Ops

GroundHog’s on-click Deswik Connector imports your weekly, monthly or quarterly mine plan and converts it into a shift based plan with all the relevant tasks based on your mine type. For example, in a cut-and-fill mine, GroundHog automataically generates a clean-to-drill, drill, charge, blast, muck, bolt, and shotcrete cycle based on the Deswik Mine Type.

At the end of the week, month, or quarter, GroundHog exports a file that makes it super-easy for mine planners to update their actuals in the Deswik mine plan.
Deswik Connector Groundhog

The Deswik Connector sure streamlines our Deswik Export and Import process. Now we dont have ops messing up the names of the headings, and it makes it real easy for us to update actuals in Deswik using data from GroundHog.

I'd highly recommend you try it out

Easily Import from Deswik.SCHED

Import your Deswik.SCHED file

When you build your short-range mine plan, simply import your Deswik.SCHED file or a Deswik Excel Report for the weekly, monthly, or quarterly plan.

GroundHog’s Deswik Connector reads the Deswik file, interprets the mine type, heading names, dimensions, and your required advances by day, and auto-creates operational tasks such as a Clean to Drill, Drill, Charge, Blast, Muck, Supply Heading, Bolt and Shot Crete cycles. You can also manually update these to your preferred cycles based on your typical advance rates.

GroundHog uses this as a reference short-range plan and tracks actuals to this plan.

Easily convert weekly plans to shift work

Once you import the Deswik.SCHED file into GroundHog, you’ll be able to easily assign a work task sequence – such as a slab-cut cycle, or a drill-and-blast cycle to to get the footage you need. 


GroundHog handles non-standard footage advance rates that Deswik produces. For example, a mine we work with typically takes a 6-foot, 9-foot or 12-foot round. However Deswik produces plans at 1.6 feet per day, or 4.7 feet per day, or 5 feet for 3 days followed by 11 feet for 2 days. GroundHog simplifies all of these so your ops team can still meet your daily and weekly footage advance rates at their standard advance rates. 


If Mine Ops cannot hit its footage on a given day, they can prioritize that heading they can catch up in subsequent shift. 

GroundHog Deswik Connector
Deswik.SCHED export

Automatically update actuals back to Deswik

Mine plans need to be reconciled with actuals. For this, Deswik users typically get daily logs from Ops and painstakingly calculate the actual footage advances and update their mine plan.


GroundHog automates this process by generating reports that the short-range planners use to easily update the % completions of mine tasks. 


You should really see how we do this. It is pretty slick.