GroundHog Peer-To-Peer

Easily extend secure network access to your next mining & tunneling project

Mines and Tunneling projects use GroundHog Peer-to-Peer networks to dynamically extend data access to the face so operators and supervisors have all the latest information they need to perform their work correctly and safely. 


The alternative of installing WiFi Access Points and Repeaters involves a lot of CapEx and is labor intensive, where each Access Point costs thousands of dollars and need to be installed every 100 meters, and are extremely prone to damage by equipment and during blast cycles. 


Peer-to-Peer runs on standard hardware that also runs the GroundHog Fleet Management System. 

Who Uses GroundHog Peer-to-Peer Networks?

GroundHog peer-to-peer

Who need to spend more time operating equipment such as Front Loader, Shovels, Drills and Bolters, and less time waiting in a queue or filling paperwork.

GroudHog peer-to-peer
Superintendents, Foremen

Who need to spend more time prioritizing and resolving downs and delays that lead to production losses, and less time crunching production numbers in the trailer.

GroundHog Safety Analytics
Mine Managers

Who need to a make real-time data driven decisions to increase production using reliable data feeding decision-support systems, and less time inferring status from spreadsheets from different departments.

Get operational data from equipment and miners without stopping production

At sites without GroundHog peer-to-peer, miners and equipment needs to halt production, go to a ramp with an Access Point to link up to the WiFi backbone and send production updates to the Control Room or Operations Center



GroundHog peer-to-peer creates a dynamic mesh network so production data can be captured from miners and equipment working in WiFi dark zones and sent automatically to Control Rooms and Operations Centers so Supervisors and Dispatch can make data driven decisions to maximize mining intensity in every shift. 

Short Interval Control for mining
GroundHog Telemetry

Send new tasks and receive work progress updates from underground work locations

Supervisors and Dispatch use Peer-to-Peer networks to send new work packages to miners working underground – especially in areas that have no connectivity. 


New work packages and updates to current work packages are sent and received using GroundHog’s dynamic peer-to-peer mesh networks created using standard off-the-shelf hardware. 

Give miners all the information they need to work correctly and safely

Miners need access to cut-sheets, drill patterns, bolting standards, Standard Operating Procedures and many other task specific information at anytime during the shift.


Our customers use peer-to-peer networks to send data updates to miners at the face.

Short Interval Control for mining

Trainers use GroundHog LMS because managing Task Training using paper is too godda***d stressful
Trainers use GroundHog LMS because managing Task Training using Excel is too complicated and confusing
Trainers use GroundHog LMS because a homegrown database is too technical for Safety folks