The Biggest Questions in The Frac Sand Industry Today

With the US oil and gas industry booming, now is a great time to be in the frac sand industry. That said, there are a number of questions that the industry still has to grapple with today. This article takes a brief look at those questions and gives a clear-eyed analysis of possible answers to these questions.

Boxes or silos? –

This is a debate as old as the frac sand industry itself, it seems. The reason this debate has lasted so long is that there is no single answer. Every company has to devote time to understanding their own logistics in order to make an informed decision on the topic. It is also worth noting, the boxes or silos decision is far less impactful than the decision to optimize a company through new tech or software.

Is new technology worth the investment? –

Adopting new technology is a substantial investment, not only in money, but in time. It seems obvious that every frac sand company will need to adopt new software at some point to remain competitive. The question becomes, how do companies reduce the risk of implementing new software most effectively. The solution lies in the companies selling the new technology. Seek out companies with enough clients to guarantee they will stay afloat while you work with them to implement new tech. It is also extremely beneficial if companies offer trials on software. There is no one size fits all software, find out if the software is right for your company before dishing out the financial investment. One such piece of software to consider is aggHog. aggHog is a simple, powerful fleet management software to help take you sand mine to the next level.

Adopting New Trucking Equipment?

It is no secret that pneumatic trucks have been slowly waning in popularity within the frac sand industry. While it may not be essential to switch to newer trucking solutions yet, it will likely be necessary to remain competitive in coming years. An improvement in loading time along with larger payloads makes the advantage of switching to purpose-built trailers hard to ignore. Bottom-line savings are hard to pass up, flatbeds and bottom dump trailers seem to be the way of the future.

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