3 Reasons Safety Managers Should Ditch Excel, for GroundHog LMS.

Being a safety manager isn’t easy, but it’s even worse if you’re trying to do it with Excel. Not only is excel, not built for managing training and certificates, it doesn’t include the features safety managers need the most. That’s why in today’s blog we’ll be covering the three reasons safety managers should be using GroundHog LMS. Because seriously, it’s time to ditch Excel.

Manage All Certificates Digitally: 

Trying to keep track of every employee, contractor and vendor’s certificate is a massive undertaking even in smaller mines. That’s why safety managers need GroundHog LMS. The ability to easily store and monitor all SITES, 5000-23s and SOPs in one location is incredibly valuable. Even more importantly, GroundHog LMS will notify you when certificates are expiring that way it’s easy to prevent a lapse in training.

Create and Administer Custom Task Training:

Training without GroundHog LMS is much more complicated than it has to be. With GroundHog LMS, safety managers or trainers can create custom training programs and administer them quickly through the GroundHog LMS mobile app. Not only does this save time, it allows you to quickly train large volumes of workers. This in turn grants you the opportunity to create a multi-skilled workforce and bring massive production boosts to your mine.

GroundHog LMS Mobile:

The mobile version of GroundHog LMS does more than just providing a way to administer training with ease. GroundHog LMS mobile also allows anyone to access their certificates at any time. This means that if an MSHA auditor asks to see certs, operators only need to reach into their pockets.

To sign up for GroundHog LMS and ditch excel for free today, click here.


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