How Safety Managers save at least one month per year with LMS

Safety Managers who rely on Groundhog LMS know first-hand how much time they can save, while improving job site safety across the board on their mine site. They have come to see LMS as a force multiplier because it helps them reduce lost time, integrate departments, plan out training courses, and onboard new staff efficiently. By choosing digital accuracy, their mining operation reduces manual processes that involve paperwork and are full of errors, to streamline compliance and digital training and certification. The digital tools prove to free up their teams to do what they do best.

One Groundhog LMS customer in North America saved nearly a whole month in man hours once they allowed the system to streamline their annual refresher training process. Considering all the time previously spent scheduling, preparing for and documenting these trainings, LMS saves its customers weeks and even months on average. Imagine how it can improve efficiency — and safety — at your site.

Any large organization faces the everyday risk of critical information getting stuck in one silo when its needed in another. LMS reduces these gaps in communication between departments and allows supervisors access to timely information right on their mobile devices. One LMS customer just last year reports that a supervisor heard a blasting operator talking over the radio and something he said alerted the supervisor to check the operator’s certification history. As it turned out, the operator wasn’t current on his certifications so the supervisor was able to reassign the operator, and replace them with someone who was qualified for the risky job assignment. With real time alerts, catching lapsed training and certification updates is no accident. Safety Managers know the system is a safety net to ensure that compliance and safety remain foremost.

Onboarding new staff correctly is as important as keeping your existing team up-to-date. One customer reported using LMS to migrate its classroom training online and found it nearly halved the required time by doing so. In addition, LMS drastically reduced the number of staff necessary to conduct the training, making the whole process more efficient and more accurate. This is just one more way Groundhog systems help Safety Managers perform at their peak.

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