Opinion: Short Interval Control is The Future of Quarries

There are many articles, both on this page and across the internet detailing why mines need short interval control. The benefits are generally accepted and well understood, yet SIC has rarely been considered as a practical solution for quarries. Today, we’ll discuss why short interval control will be the future of quarries as well. Short […]

Safety Directors Are Using GroundHog LMS. You Should Too.

More and more safety directors are ditching the stone age of certificate and permit management in favor of GroundHog LMS. What do we mean by the “stone age?” Excel and paper, of course. It’s a massive undertaking to attempt to manage an entire workplaces training without a specialized tool. In this article we’ll look at […]

3 Reasons Safety Managers Should Use GroundHog LMS, Not Paper.

For the few H&S managers still managing certs and training on paper. It’s time to stop. In today’s article we’ll break down the benefits of using a streamlined and digital certificate management system such as GroundHog LMS. Forms Available Anytime, Anywhere: Paper is ok, when it’s readily accessible. Unfortunately, operators can’t carry all of their […]

Introducing GroundHog EHS 3.8.0 Update

San Jose, California July 16, 2019: GroundHog EHS is a digital inspection app built on the premise that safety goes far beyond compliance. Not only does GroundHog EHS automatically produce MSHA compliant records, but it also has fully integrated safety shares and geographic hazard tracking to promote widespread safety culture in the workplace. We’ve just […]

How to Keep Mining Intensity High and LOM Low

Mines work hard to keep their intensity high, which in turn allows them to keep a low LOM. The problem essentially boils down to this, “How do we keep production as high as possible at all times?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t quite as straightforward as the question. In today’s article we will break down what […]

How to Empower Decision Making with Validated Data in Real Time

First line task coordinators need to be able to make informed decisions. However that isn’t always as simple as it may seem when you factor in the communication difficulties of an underground mine. Fortunately, recent developments in technology, specifically the development of short interval control, have made better decision making a possibility. Using validated real-time […]

How to Capture and Use Data Effectively in Mines

The most important thing a mine can do is measure. Measure everything. Thorough, accurate information is absolutely essential to mines that want to grow. In this article, we will look at three key ways to ensure your mine has quality data. Efficient Data Capture: The first problem in many mines is their method of data […]

The One Tool Every Mine Needs for Their Task Scheduling and Tracking

Scheduling is hard, it’s even harder when you’re doing it for a mine full of employees. Even harder yet, when you’ll more than likely need to adapt the schedule as the day progresses. If you’re doing things without the help of any additional technology, this will be a nightmare. Thankfully, there is one tool, groundHog […]

How to Do it Right: Planning, Scheduling, Executing and Monitoring

Some of the most important tasks in a mine are planning, scheduling, executing and monitoring. Unfortunately, given the traditionally low visibility of underground mines, it can be difficult to do these effectively. However, there are a few ways to boost the effectiveness of these functions in your mine by huge amounts. In today’s blog we’ll […]