Here’s How to Boost Industrial Safety and Avoid OSHA Fines.

Industrial safety is at the front of every plant managers mind. OSHA fines are heavy and even more importantly, keeping employees safe is a must. That’s why today’s blog dives into the best ways to boost industrial safety and avoid OSHA fines.

Refreshers and Scrums around Industrial Safety:

Refreshers are a great way to make sure everyone is still on the same page in terms of safety procedures. Even just an hour long refresher once every six months or so can go a long ways. On top of refreshers, managers should hold scrums often. This is a great way to understand the difficulties and concerns of employees. By keeping in the loop with employees it’s easier to get out ahead of potential issues.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff:

It’s often easy to forget the small stuff when it comes to safety. Unfortunately, that small stuff adds up. Things like keeping the workplace clean and using proper labels and signs are key. Additionally, it can be useful to encourage stretch breaks in certain cases to keep employees healthy and happy.

GroundHog EHS:

The best way to increase industrial safety is with GroundHog EHS. GroundHog EHS provides workers with the ability to conduct inspections 100% digitally. Additionally, GroundHog EHS makes it possible to instantly communicate risks to everyone in the workplace. Automatically generated reports make it a breeze to keep an eye on the entire workplace safety and inspections. An investment in GroundHog EHS often times means a lot of money saved on OSHA fines. 

To learn more about GroundHog EHS, or to get started today, click here.

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