How Sand Mines Should Be Capitalizing on the Shale Revolution

The American ‘Shale Revolution’ presents sand mines with a unique opportunity to grow profits at a rate, that 10 years ago, would have been entirely impossible. However, with this opportunity comes heightened competition. Sand mines that do not take this opportunity with the right approach are certain to fall short. In this blog we take a closer look at how sand mines can ensure peak performance and improvement, at all times.

Fleet Management Software –

The biggest step a company can take towards ensuring continuous improvement is implementing good fleet management software. At a set interval, teams on the front line conduct brief meetings reviewing losses and assessing previous actions. Consequently, they identify upcoming risks and plan their next actions accordingly. This action, paired with the connectivity of a digital system, means that mines aren’t only learning from their mistakes, but directly putting solutions into action and always getting better. Finally, this software provides management with valuable data at the end of each day to allow them to make more informed decisions for the next day. 

Starting with company leadership, send a clear message that each day needs to be better than the last.

Careful Change Management –

It is obvious that to remain competitive in today’s climate, companies have to move swiftly and be ready to change their operations quickly to boost profits. Unfortunately, without careful change management, it is possible to do more harm than good. First, leaders need to establish a clear vision for what the company will look like after implementing the changes. This needs to be a realistic goal, with a clear path to accomplish it. Next, involve workers as much as possible. Obviously, it isn’t realistic for them to be involved in all decision making, but involving workers in decisions involving their department or unit will greatly decrease resistance. Ensure that management stays tuned in to the workers’ feelings and address concerns about job security promptly. Finally, solid training is critical. Make sure workers feel completely confident with new software or procedures being implemented. New tech is often a large investment and falling short on training is a poor reason for a wasted investment.

Company-wide Focus on Improvement –

The final point in this blog is much more difficult than it sounds, but also critical to success. Starting with company leadership, send a clear message that each day needs to be better than the last. Help workers understand that learning from mistakes is an essential part of their duties. With the aid of tools like SIC, make sure that the brief meetings held throughout the day are meaningful. Lastly, make use of goal-setting. Encourage a company-wide effort to strive for these goals. Make sure that there is an understanding of camaraderie and teamwork throughout the company.

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