Digital Transformation is About More Than Just Technology

Digital transformation is a top concern for many executives today. The promise of increased productivity and efficiency is hard for many to resist. However, rushing into a digital transformation without first taking a look at your current business practices will prove a frustrating experience and magnify current flaws. In this article we will examine some of the ways businesses can work to move into the digital age outside of implementing new technology.

Figure Out Your Business Strategy Before Investing In New Tech –

It isn’t a secret that new software brings the potential for new growth. However, it is not a guarantee. In order to ensure success, companies must lay out a solid business strategy with realistic goals. These goals can then be used to determine which technology is best suited to attain them. The most important part of any digital transformation is a clear vision. Investing blindly in software hoping for miracles will surely not produce the desired results.

Allowing employees to feel vital to the transformation process will greatly reduce resistance.

Recognize Employees’ Fears –

A common fear among employees during a digital transformation is the fear of being replaced. Oftentimes these fears may lead to some form of resistance. There are two ways to deal with employee concerns. The first way is to involve them in some level of the decision making process. While this isnt always feasible, involving them in decisions regarding their own department or unit will give them a voice and help manage their fears. Second, help employees understand their own strength and value. Connect employees’ strengths to aspects of the digital transformation and show them how they will contribute to the rebirth of their company. Allowing employees to feel vital to the transformation process will greatly reduce resistance and can help them do their best work as the company transitions into a new era.

Leverage Insiders and Make Use of Prototyping –

Companies attempting a transformation often bring in lots of outsiders in an attempt to speed up the transformation. However, these outside consultants often don’t fully understand the company and have a tendency to apply one size fits all solutions. In order to have the most successful digital transformation possible it is important that employees, who have intimate knowledge of the internal aspects of operations, are used to facilitate successful change. Not only does this reduce costs, but it can also contribute to reducing employees’ fears. Next, it is important to make use of prototyping. Follow the example of silicon valley and move swiftly in the decision making process. Companies must take the leap and roll out new tech. Then, be ready to change or roll it back just as quick after assessing the results.


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