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We at GroundHog believe in simplifying mine operations and are always looking for ways to increase productivity to help mines get more done without doing more.

Our latest set of solutions and programs is another step towards this.

GroundHog Telematics

Telematics is known as a valuable technology in the mining industry. However, obtaining data from onboard Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems (VHMS), Vehicle Information Management Systems (VIMS), and payload data without relying on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) has proven to be a challenging and time-consuming task. This pain point has been echoed by numerous customers, highlighting the need for a solution that can provide direct access to this critical data.

That’s where GroundHog Telematics comes in. We are proud to announce the launch of our groundbreaking telematics solution that addresses this industry-wide challenge head-on. With our innovative technology, mines can seamlessly retrieve direct data from onboard diagnostics and transmit it to the cloud effortlessly. 

Our team in Australia has successfully accessed onboard diagnostics directly from CAT, Komatsu, and Epiroc machines, revolutionizing how data is collected and utilized. By tapping into these onboard diagnostics systems, we can extract valuable data that was previously inaccessible. 

Above is a video of our team working on making this happen at a customer site, including setting up a Wi-Fi network. This data is then seamlessly uploaded into the cloud, making it readily available for anyone sitting remotely to view and analyze. Operators also benefit from this. They need not do manual data entry, which consumes valuable time for the operator and increases the risk of human error in the data collected.

Mines can now unlock many use cases that enhance productivity across various operations. From optimizing payload management to helping predictive maintenance practices and driving sustainability efforts through efficient fuel consumption – having onboard diagnostics capabilities opens up a world of possibilities. 

To learn more on how GroundHog’s technology accesses onboard diagnostics directly from CAT, Komatsu, and Epiroc machines OR What specific use cases can mines unlock with the help of GroundHog’s telematics solution – reach out to our team: Todd Pearce , Satish Penmetsa, Krishna Kunam Ajay Koppisetty , Chanakya Rachakonda

GroundHog Open Platform

As more and more mines recognize the value of data in making informed decisions, the need for compelling and customized visualizations and analytics becomes paramount. 

We understand this need and have developed an open platform accessible to third-party developers and partners. This open platform allows easy integration with data from GroundHog. With an ecosystem for developers and partners, mines can access various tools and capabilities to visualize and analyze their data effectively. Some possible productivity-boosting integrations are building predictive analytics on the data collected, combining data from other sources such as vision analytics with GroundHog data, comprehensively visualizing data from various sensors, and much more.

Mines can use other apps on Microsoft Power BI and connect to our app to seamlessly access data from GroundHog — more details to follow this month. 

GroundHog Academy

As we embrace digitization and its transformative effects, it becomes essential to equip the workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the future digital era.

To cater to this need, we proudly introduce GroundHog Academy – a comprehensive training and education platform focused on mine digitization. We aim to provide individuals interested in pursuing a career in the mining industry with a clear pathway towards success.

GroundHog Academy will offer a range of courses and certification programs to enhance your understanding of mine digitization and equip you with the skills needed to use and train on a digital system like GroundHog. Whether you are an aspiring professional or an experienced individual looking to upskill, our academy has something for everyone.

Our first training course is a webinar on the fundamentals of mine digitization. This course will cover topics such as SIC (Short Interval Control) and FMS (Fleet Management System), providing valuable insights into these essential aspects of modern mining operations.

Follow our LinkedIn page to stay updated on the program details. 

Our last few month’s updates on new features are in the posts below.

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Best Practices: Digitization projects require People, Processes AND Technology to be successful. This e-Book gives you a blueprint to successfully rollout any new technology at your site. 

Groundhog: Digital Transformation and Change Management in Mining

Get a copy of our most popular Book

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