GroundHog Platform Overview

GroundHog provides a comprehensive platform for operations, maintenance, quality, and safety. Here is an overview of our platforms.

GroundHog OpsCenter Platform is our flagship platform. It is a comprehensive production planning and control platform with several modules designed to help mines maximize their tonnes per shift safely. 

  • The Short Interval Control module quickly builds shift plans and streamlines in-shift and cross-shift task allocation and communication. 
  • The Fleet Management System module captures production data in real-time when the network is available to the face and in near-real time if the network is not always available at the face. The FMS tracks work progress and maximizes work faces and equipment availability and utilization. The FMS also keeps track of SMU hours and maintenance statuses. 
  • The QA/QC & Stockpile Management module comprehensively understands your stockpile and accurately tracks broken ground inventory and lineage back to a heading, block, level, and panel. 
  • The Roster Management module helps manage employee attendance and automatically track equipment allocation to operators based on their attendance.

With the GroundHog OpsCenter platform, mines are able to manage better compliance to plan, track overall equipment effectiveness, and perform quality control. The OpsCenter integrates with a wide range of Mine Planning and Geology tools typically used at a mine site. 

GroundHog Maintenance Platform

GroundHog Maintenance Platform is used to streamline mobile maintenance processes and helps maintenance teams meet all their Equipment Availability targets.. The platform allows maintenance to easily manage maintenance schedules, view maintenance logs, get notified about upcoming maintenance activities, track parts inventory, and monitor machine health data. It is also integrated with the GroundHog Operations Center Platform to track downs and delays entered by the operators in real time.

  • The Maintenance Planner module can easily manage maintenance plans for 250 hr, 500 hr, and other schedules. This module aligns task assignments based on maintenance plans and communicates in real time with the operator, making it easier to manage and execute maintenance plans. 
  • The Telemetry module automates capturing production information directly from the equipment and is OEM agnostic. With the GroundHog Telemetry dongle, maintenance managers easily monitor asset health and promptly identify and rectify any issues. The GroundHog Telemetry dongle connects to the equipment’s Diagnostics port (J1939, J1708, or the OBDII). 
  • The Maintenance Inventory module tracks real-time parts inventory and integrates with SAP systems to manage inventory costs effectively. 

By using the GroundHog Maintenance platform, Maintenance teams ensure that their fleet is well-maintained and is operating at its peak efficiency.

GroundHog Inventory Platform

GroundHog Inventory Platform streamlines Inventory Management processes for operational consumables and explosives. 

  • The Operations Inventory Module can track all inventory in various laydowns and monitor consumption rates to ensure you always have sufficient inventory. Additionally, the platform can perform analysis such as ‘Cost per foot advanced’ to help you optimize your inventory levels and costs. 
  • The Maglogs Module is a great tool for tracking explosives inventory at your site. ATF 2007-1 Ruling Compliant provides real-time alerts and notifications when inventory numbers don’t add up or when newer inventory is used first.

GroundHog Miner Safety Platform

GroundHog Miner Safety Platform offers state-of-the-art technology to enhance safety and situational awareness in underground mining operations. 

  • The Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) module, you can track and monitor the location of all equipment and miners at all times and receive alerts in case of any potential safety hazards, such as no-go zones or traffic management. 
  • The Collision Avoidance System (CAS) module is a standout feature that doesn’t require a WiFi network to operate and alerts operators of potential collisions. Moreover, the platform’s upcoming feature of managing traffic underground based on pre-set priorities is an added advantage to enhance safety measures in mining operations.

GroundHog Site, Safety & Compliance Platform

GroundHog Site, Safety & Compliance Platform, is for safety managers, trainers, and directors to track safety compliance, report incidents and manage hazards digitally. 

  • The Learning Management module helps create training plans and track training certificates. It also integrates with GroundHog Operations Center Platform to enforce only trained and licensed operators who are assigned tasks.
  • The EHS module allows the safety manager to record incidents, hazards, and emergency response plans. It can integrate with the RTLS module to track incident location and prompt emergency response. 

    To know more – https://groundhogapps.com/groundhog-mine-digitization-and-automation-hands-on-demo-org/

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Best Practices: Digitization projects require People, Processes AND Technology to be successful. This e-Book gives you a blueprint to successfully rollout any new technology at your site. 

Groundhog: Digital Transformation and Change Management in Mining

Get a copy of our most popular Book

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