GroundHog Maintenance Cloud
Focused on MINING, We aim to simplify mobile mining equipment maintenance tasks

Why GroundHog Maintenance Cloud?

100% cloud based
24x7 Support
Simple UI

Who Uses GroundHog Maintenance Cloud?

Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Technicians

Who need quick access to detailed maintenance information including work orders, asset health, inventory, and more, for efficient issue resolution and repairs.


Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor

Who manage work orders, assets, and inventory, conduct inspections, enforce safety regulations, coordinate with other departments, and maintain records to improve maintenance processes.

Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Manager /Reliability Engineers/Maintenance Planners

Who supervises staff, maintenance schedules, and resources, optimizes workflows based on asset data, ensures regulatory compliance, manages budgets, procures parts, and implements technology for efficient maintenance practices.

Key Features

Simplify Planned Maintenance

GroundHog Maintenance Cloud allows you to plan maintenance tasks for 250-hour and 750-hour intervals and more well in advance.


The platform automatically creates detailed work orders for upcoming maintenance tasks and instantly sends them to assigned technicians, ensuring they are informed and prepared.


You can set up alerts to notify relevant personnel when maintenance intervals are approaching.

Manage Work Orders, Backlogs & Optimize Asset Lifecycle

GroundHog Maintenance Cloud lets you easily track asset health, manage work orders, and control backlogs.


Use the GroundHog FMS App and GroundHog Telemetry for condition-based monitoring, capturing data manually or automatically.


Streamline preventive maintenance with reusable task lists, schedule tasks using time-based or meter-based intervals, and automate scheduling with templates. Ensure timely maintenance and provide technicians with step-by-step instructions for routine jobs.


Manage work orders efficiently for both planned and unplanned maintenance. View and reschedule work orders, centralize maintenance requests, and streamline communication.


Stay on top of outstanding work by tracking backlogs effectively and managing regulatory compliance with digital asset and maintenance records.

Mobilize Field Technicians

Maintenance technicians can effortlessly look up and update their assigned work orders, ensuring they have the most current information.


They can capture detailed notes directly from the field, aiding in accurate documentation.


With comprehensive asset history at their fingertips, technicians can troubleshoot issues effectively and efficiently.


This system provides instant feedback to maintenance managers, facilitating real-time updates and streamlined communication.

Efficient Breakdown Handling

Streamline breakdown handling with GroundHog Maintenance Cloud, enabling quick and efficient issue reporting as they occur, even through the GroundHog FMS App, ensuring immediate notification to maintenance teams.


Prioritize issues by severity to create urgent work orders.


Assign technicians promptly based on skills and availability, with real-time progress tracking.


Document repair actions and analyze data to drive continuous improvement.

Simplify Components & Spare Part Inventory Management

Use GroundHog Maintenance Cloud to centralize all component and spare parts inventory data for easy access.


Easily link equipment and components by tying each part back to its respective asset.


Prevent overstocking or understocking by tracking inventory levels in real-time.


Automatically generate purchase orders or notifications when inventory levels drop below a set threshold.


Improve stocking and planning with insights from historical data analysis on component usage and maintenance.

Get Real-Time Insights With Advanced Reporting And Analytics

Access real-time insights with advanced reporting and analytics in GroundHog Maintenance Cloud.


Instantly retrieve information on equipment health, downtime, and maintenance activities for informed decision-making.


Use data to perform predictive analytics for preventive maintenance, and forecasting failures to reduce unplanned downtime and enhance asset reliability.


Analyze maintenance costs to optimize resource allocation, improving efficiency and minimizing operational expenses.


Monitor compliance with safety regulations to ensure a safe working environment and mitigate risks.

Integrate with SAP, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, and RPM Global’s AMT


GroundHog Maintenance Cloud seamlessly integrates with SAP JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, and RPM Global’s AMT.


It can connect with all your existing systems, whether they are ERP or SAP-based. Plus, it already integrates with equipment from major brands like CAT and Komatsu.


This ensures that no matter what systems or equipment you’re using, GroundHog Maintenance Cloud can fit right into your workflow, making maintenance planning and execution smoother and more efficient.

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