The customer, Enaex USA provides blasting services and solutions in addition to manufacturing blasting agents. They are heavily involved in the mining industry as they carry out blasting for a number of mining companies, meaning they work at a number of sites, all with unique MSHA requirements. Given that Enaex have a century of experience in mining and explosives, Enaex USA are key players in the industry. This is further evidenced by the fact that Enaex owns the world’s largest Ammonium Nitrate production plant.



Switch to digital safety training and certified all their employees


230 employees certified in 4 days. Break-even in less than 24 days



Enaex USA was facing many of the same challenges that plague the mining industry regularly. These often included organization and accessibility issues linked to managing 5000-23s on paper. Task training was slipping between the cracks and in an industry as safety focused as mining, that meant a change was a necessity. However, contrary to the trend of maintaining the status quo in mining, Enaex took the leap.


Customer Requirements


Cannot Depend on People or Paperwork

A danger in the mining industry, especially with regards to training, is that the responsibility of managing an entire workplace’s training can fall to one person. This is often because the organization behind handling 5000-23s and training data for an entire workplace can be so complicated that only the person who created it can truly understand it. That’s why it was critical for Enaex USA the solution functions independently of individuals.


Has To Be High Efficiency and Easy to Use

Efficiency is everything. The solution needed to be simple, sleek and fast. It needed to take the process of designing, conducting and recording training and optimize it.



User Friendly

Other solutions, like Excel or paper are not friendly to users, oftentimes creating opportunities for slip-ups. The solution needed to be built to be user friendly and make it easy enough to use so that everyone in the workplace can learn it quickly.


Needs to Set Reminders and Eliminate Slip-Ups

In an industry with safety standards as high as the mining industry, any slip-up is a big deal. Fines can be hefty and even worse, safety is at stake. Enaex, like most companies in the industry, experienced the occasional lapse in training due to organizational issues or something that slipped through the cracks. It was critical for them that the potential for slip-ups was eliminated.





Desktop and Mobile Applications

GroundHog LMS is built to be usable wherever you need it. With a desktop version that makes training design and management simple and a mobile version that makes administration and displaying certifications easy, GroundHog LMS works where you need it, when you need it.


Expiration Notifications and Safety Matrix

By combining expiration notifications and a safety matrix, the possibility of expiring training slipping through the cracks is eliminated. All the data is presented in a simple visual manner with GroundHog LMS ensuring that human-error doesn’t come into play.


Fully Digitized Training Process

From training design to digital creation and filing of 5000-23s, every step of the training process functions digitally, eliminating the opportunity for slip-ups and simplifying the process for everyone involved.




Emphasis on Compliance

By generating 100% compliant forms and storing them digitally, GroundHog LMS is built with MSHA compliance in mind. At every step of using GroundHog LMS, it assists Enaex USA in maintaining an MSHA compliant workplace.


The implementation began with a digital one-on-one tutorial and was followed by a series of brief meetings with GroundHog to help Enaex USA personnel better understand best practices for using GroundHog LMS. While there was a slight learning curve, the differences in productivity were nearly instantly noticeable.


Above all life has been made easier for safety personnel, allowing them to perform their duties to the maximum of their abilities. Their phones are ringing less wasting time asking to see 5000-23s that they can access quickly on cerTrax. There has been a massive decrease in potential fines and lapses in training thanks to training notifications and the training matrix. Scheduling and quality of training has also increased thanks to GroundHog LMS training features.


João Roorda
HSECQ Manager


“Everyone at GroundHog was incredibly helpful and responsive throughout implementation.”