Conducting an Equipment Inspection – GroundHog EHS Series

To wrap up our GroundHog EHS series, we’ll be sharing some of our tips for a more effective equipment inspection, and of course, showing you how to conduct and equipment inspection with GroundHog EHS.

The easiest way to ensure proper corrective action in a timely manner is deadlines.

Tips for Better Equipment Inspections –

Choose Proper Personnel –

We’ve included this one on every GroundHog EHS post so far because we can’t stress enough how important it is. Ensuring the inspector is familiar with the equipment, ideally having used it before, will make all the difference in the quality of their work. It just doesn’t make sense for someone with little knowledge of the equipment to conduct an inspection on it that is so important to the safety of workers.

Ensure Inspections Occur Often Enough –

Supervisors have to be diligent in their scheduling. Technicians should inspect equipment should at least every six months. It is unacceptable to have an injury in the workplace because an inspection wasn’t conducted in time.

Ensure Thorough Corrective Action –

So you’ve found a hazard. Schedule corrective action immediately. It is all to easy in a busy mine to let something that is seemingly minor slip the minds of technicians. This is why it’s important for supervisors to keep a close eye on all hazards that are found.

Set Deadlines –

The easiest way to ensure proper corrective action in a timely manner is deadlines. Supervisors can monitor hazard reports as they come in and set reasonable deadlines immediately to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Monitor Trends –

With the power of good, consistent inspection data, supervisors can monitor trends. This not only is a way to increase safety by knowing what equipment tends to fail, it can also increase productivity. When equipment is down, money is being wasted. Knowing what equipment to maintain more diligently and what equipment may need replacement can be useful for increasing productivity.

Conducting an Equipment Inspection with GroundHog EHS


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