Developing Inexperienced Personnel in Your Mine

Hiring for a mine isn’t always easy, this is especially true given the remote locations that mines are often found. This means that oftentimes, mines are left hiring large amounts of inexperienced workers. While this may seem like a burden, it presents the opportunity to build a solid foundation skill-set. In the long-run it can grant you a workforce capable of doing incredible work. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at some of our favorite tips for developing inexperienced workers.

Encourage Multi-Skill Development:

Multi-skill development? Isn’t that a bit much for an already inexperienced workforce? No. Here’s why. If you are willing to make the initial time investment in allowing your workers to become skilled in multiple areas, the benefits will more than pay for the time spent. First, they will develop much stronger foundational skills. Second, in the event of leave or illness, shifting workers around to continue operations at full speed will be a breeze. Finally, a workforce with a greater understanding of how the mine works as a whole will be more competent regarding safety. Obviously, safety is an incredibly high priority and this benefit alone makes the time of developing multiple skill-sets worth it. 

Foster a Coaching Environment:

It’s incredibly important to utilize the already experienced workers you have. The most effective way to approach this is often by encouraging them to coach the inexperienced workers. Oftentimes, this is as simple as having a conversation with them. Let them know that it should be a priority. Miners won’t be as willing to help if they feel that time spent coaching is taking away from the quality of their work. As management, it’s important to let them know that some level of trade-off is acceptable. It doesn’t have to be huge time commitment. However, moderate amounts of guidance from experienced workers can, at the very least, help build confidence on the job.

Leverage Training Management Software:

The best way to administer all the training necessary for building up your workforce is though training management software.GroundHog LMS is one such software. Giving you the ability to write your own training programs and SOPs, creating or importing large amounts of training content is easy. GroundHog LMS even allows administering training directly through the app, streamlining the entire training process. Automatic certificate generation and organization makes it easy to keep track of who is trained on what and ensures you keep tabs on your developing workforce.

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