Digitizing Middle East and African Subcontinent – with GroundHog and Subsoil Technologies.

GroundHog, a leading mine digitization and automation company, has partnered strategically with South African-based Subsoil Technologies. Subsoil provides robust network infrastructure and productivity solutions designed to tackle the extreme conditions of the mining environment. This partnership will provide Subsoil’s Middle Eastern and African mining customers access to GroundHog’s flagship operational management and safety platform that helps improve productivity, efficiency, and safety. Mining companies and contractors typically see significant improvements and return on their investment through greater mining intensity and overall process efficiency.

Digitizing Middle East and African Subcontinent - with GroundHog and Subsoil Technologies
Digitizing Middle East and African Subcontinent – with GroundHog and Subsoil Technologies

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Subsoil Technologies to service the Middle East & African mining market further,” said Satish Penmetsa, CEO of GroundHog. “Together with Subsoil, we have secured a multi-year deal with AMAK Mining at one of their underground copper mines in Saudi Arabia. We have successfully welcomed the customer aboard, and our collaborative efforts have made transitioning much smoother, especially in terms of connectivity and providing local support. We anticipate further success in the next quarter and upcoming year.”

The partnership will enable GroundHog to leverage Subsoil’s technology portfolio not just with network infrastructure but also integrating with other products, such as environmental sensors. 

“We build robust networks so that mines can leverage the power of data and connectivity. And GroundHog helps our customers go to the next level”, says Tendayi Mwayi, Director of Subsoil Technologies.

About Subsoil Technologies

Subsoil Technologies specializes in digital technology for surface and underground mining. These solutions include Communication networks, IOT sensors, and data loggers, as well as Safety and productivity management software. 

About GroundHog:

GroundHog is a mine digitization and automation platform, an innovative industry leader providing advanced digitization tools. Their operational and safety solutions simplify complex workflows by applying technology to arduous processes, specializing in short-interval control, fleet management, and environmental, health, and safety tools.

Their mission is to see every mine digitized to increase profitability by achieving higher production rates at a lower cost per ton without sacrificing safety. GroundHog’s solutions help to eliminate silos through streamlined collaboration tools so operations and safety teams can spend their time where it matters the most.

GroundHog’s products and services were developed and tested by some of the finest hard-hat folks from the mines of Nevada, Alaska, Australia, and India and are now present globally.Visit www.groundhogapps.com for more information.

Media contact: getStuffDone@groundhogapps.com


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