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Passive Contact Tracing for Underground Mines using GroundHog Peer-to-Peer

No new hardware required

With GroundHog, you can overhaul your entire production and safety operations.


Contact Tracing for COVID-19 uses our Peer-to-Peer technology to automatically log and store all the personnel a miner has come in contact with as soon as the miner boards the bus to travel to site. 


GroundHog Contact Logger logs data even when the miner is underground. 

How GroundHog Contact Tracer Works

As soon as the miner gets to site, the miner logs into the Contact Tracer App on their iOS or Android phone (or company issued phone or tablet). 


The GroundHog peer-to-peer technology kicks in and starts recording every person, with their employee ID and a unique device identifier that comes in close proximity to to the miner. 


When working in an area without any WiFi, data is logged to the smartphone and is then uploaded to the GroundHog Cloud when the device gets connected to a network. 

When any miner tests positive for COVID-19, the Safety Team can quickly contact trace the date and time of the contact using a very easy-to-use interface so the mine can quickly start quarantine procedures for the entire team. 

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