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With GroundHog, you can overhaul your entire production and safety operations.

GroundHog is no ordinary software. Built on the GroundHog platform and deployed using standard off-the-shelf hardware such as iPads and Android Tablets, GroundHog is built from the ground up to make the life of our users easier, more productive and safer.


With GroundHog, you can:

  • Increase tonnes to stockpiles by 36% using your existing fleet by planning upcoming shifts and monitoring production and variance.

  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors by reading data directly from eqiupment telematics

  • Significantly decrease Operator Errors by providing every miner the information they need to perform


  • Increase situational awareness and safety by tracking the location of all equipment and personnel

  • Shorten shift change-over times by automatically creating shift logs and sending relevant information to miners even before they get on site.

  • Enable Data Driven Decision Support by using mining dashboards and insights so your front line supervisors can make decisions at the face
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About GroundHog
GroundHog is the industry’s first and most comprehensive and easy to use connected miner software.
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