GroundHog EHS Takes The Headache Out of Health and Safety Audit Paperwork

Everyone can agree that safety is a top priority in mines. However, MHSA’s record keeping requirements can feel like an endless pile of paperwork. With the power of GroundHog EHS, mines can be safer than ever, without drowning in health and safety audit paperwork.

What is GroundHog EHS?

GroundHog EHS is a digital inspection app that helps mines meet MSHA’s digital recordkeeping requirements. Easy to implement in as a little as 15 minutes, GroundHog EHS performs inspections, records hazards and sends alerts using a tablet to miners and supervisors. Additionally, Workplace exam records are readily available to mine managers in compliance with MSHA rules.

GroundHog EHS performs inspections, records hazards and sends alerts to miners.

Who uses GroundHog EHS?

Supervisors –

GroundHog EHS integrates with your backend business system to let supervisors get a full overview of the fleet including maintenance and service contract details. Supervisors utilize an easy drag and drop system to schedule inspection tasks to technicians who are notified on their mobile devices about their upcoming inspection and it’s location.

Technicians –

Technicians use a step by step form that is pre-built to be fully compliant with your inspection guidelines. They answer questions, enter notes, and add media such as photo, thermal image using the FLIR camera, and video that can be annotated for better understanding. Additionally, technicians add spare parts or other maintenance notes to this inspection checklist.

What features come with GroundHog EHS?

Form Builder –

This powerful, easy-to-drag tool is used by supervisors or inspection team leads. With formBuilder, technicians can capture required information, upload media, and ensure inspections are thorough and up-to-date. Never miss compliance at any step!

Scheduler –

Using desktop computers in the office or mobile apps while on the move, supervisors can drag and drop inspection requests to technicians’ schedules. Technicians receive notifications about upcoming inspections and full overviews of their schedule. Because every team member gets the same information, managing inspections is easy.

Workflow Manager –

GroundHog EHS lets you channel your fleet inspection expertise into a streamlined process. Use the workflow builder to define the steps your technicians are required to take before moving to the next inspection stage.

Take control of your inspections and meet MSHA’s digital record keeping requirements today!

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