GroundHog FMS Enhances REMOTE Capability to Improve Mining Efficiency

GroundHog FMS, which already cuts the operating costs of mines by 15%, has been upgraded to enable a new level of process efficiency. Five features — REMOTE, REPLAY, REFLECT, RHYTHM and REBUILD — have been beefed up in version 5.2 and above. This article will focus on REMOTE.

REMOTE empowers both the Remote Operations Center (ROC) and connected workers in several important ways. The most significant benefit is this: Whenever Wifi fails, the ROC (or Supervisor) can update data and change the status of activities throughout the mine. This ability to continually monitor all mining operations overcomes a major productivity inhibitor (drops in network connectivity).

How It Works

The ROC includes an interface that displays what each operator is viewing on his tablet in real time. This “remote desktop capability” works for all the tablets deployed in an underground mine. Let’s break down how REMOTE functions to optimize the communication between the ROC (or Supervisor) and all operators:

  • The ROC can remotely access all tasks assigned to an operator.
  • The ROC is notified when a hazard is detected, or an alarm is triggered.
  • The ROC is automatically updated in real-time when an operator changes a status, provided network connectivity is maintained.
  • When an operator has lost connectivity, the ROC can update tasks for the operator. (The RHYTHM feature alerts the ROC to any break in connectivity; the operator sends updates to the ROC using radio communication.)
  • To avoid possible data loss, the ROC can modify detailed values that the operator had entered for each task. A “Supervisor” flag will appear next to a task to denote an ROC update.
  • The ROC can view “task history,” which includes who made the update (operator or supervisor), timestamp, the author and values entered.
  • The ROC can schedule a start date and time for new (“not started”) tasks.

To give the Supervisor the flexibility in managing operations, REMOTE offers four views: by the user, equipment, location, or task. The ability to generate reports is included.

As rapidBizApps’ flagship solution, GroundHog FMS has been helping mines across the globe digitize operations. As one of five enhanced features, REMOTE delivers significant value to the client:

  • Creates a 360-degree view of operations
  • Improves safety by enabling to the ROC when a hazard is detected  
  • Simplifies the ability to make in-shift adjustments to optimize Short Interval Control
  • Minimizes downtime caused by disruptions in network connectivity.

About GroundHog FMS:

GroundHog FMS is a mobile fleet management system optimized for use in underground mines designed to work out of the box for all underground mine operations. GroundHog FMS controls production, tracks and schedules workforce, and helps you get deep insights to drive higher process efficiency. With GroundHog FMS, you can build a mine that is highly efficient, safe and profitable.

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