See how our customers digitize and automate their operations

In this hands-on demo, you will see how our customers:

  • Use apps to digitize low-hanging use-cases such as the Supervisor Shift Management App, Mine Manager App, and Operator Apps
  • Use dynamic dispatch and dynamic pick lists to have consistent feed rates and target grades at the mill
  • Install Telemetry units to automate data collection directly from the equipment
  • Retrofit old equipment with sensors to automate data capture such as penetration rates, tons moved, etc.
  • Install beacons to track and trace personnel and assets to increase situational awareness at all times
  • Integrate with OEM data collection units to have a unified view of production and machine health in mixed-fleet environments
  • Integrate with planning, scheduling, quality control software and with data historians to have a unified mine-to-mill view of your most important KPIs
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GroundHog is the industry’s first and most comprehensive and
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