GroundHog releases Arabic Support for Open pit and Underground Fleet Management System

Announcing Arabic Support for GroundHog's Fleet Management System

GroundHog, recognized as one of the leading Mine Digitization and Automation Platform, today announced the launch of Native Arabic Support for its industry-leading Open Pit and Underground Fleet Management System. With this new release, GroundHog’s OpsCenter includes the Short Interval Control system, Fleet Management System, Maintenance Management System, Quality Control System, and a host of Mine Managers, Supervisors apps, and Operators. This builds on their existing support for English, Spanish, Russian, and Hindi languages.

“This update will allow our users in the Middle East and North Africa region to easily implement a full-feature Fleet Management System in their native language. Adding this support for Arabic is further affirmation of GroundHog listening very closely to our customer’s needs in the region” said Satish Penmetsa, CEO of GroundHog. “We already have one customer running the GroundHog Fleet Management System with Arabic as a primary language, and we are in discussions with a few more sites that require a Fleet Management System with Native Arabic support across all the product interfaces”

GroundHog Fleet Management Arabic
Mines use GroundHog to automate trip counting and tonnage tracking. In addtion GroundHog’s Fleet Management System runs on standard Android Tablets and iPads. GroundHog believes that this update will greatly benefit their customers and potential customers in the Middle East and North Africa region and that the company is committed to continuously improving our software to meet the needs of our users around the world.

“Our fleet management software is designed to streamline and increase mine production, better manage stockpiles, vehicle maintenance, fuel management, and real-time tracking and also improve safety operatoins. With the addition of Arabic language support, we are now able to better serve our customers in this region and provide them with the tools they need to run their mine more efficiently” said Krishna Kunam, CTO of GroundHog. “When an operator logs into the OpsCenter or into the Fleet Management App or into the Supervisor App, the system automatically detects the default language of the browser, tablet or phone and automatically presents the appropriate language to the user. The user always has the flexibility to over-ride to their preferred language”
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