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GroundHog Short Interval Control for Longhole Stoping

Improve Long Hole Stoping Design, Development, Operation and Safety Efficiency with GroundHog

GroundHog Solution for Longhole Stoping
Over the last few years, many underground mines have started using the Longhole Open Stoping mining method to extract ore more efficiently — especially in metal mines.

One metric commonly used to track the efficiency of these mines is the stope-to-stope time. At one of the mines we work with, the stope cycle time for a 20,000 tonnes stope can easily be brought down, sustainably, from 48 days to 32 days by using a simple and repeatable Short Interval Control process (can be implemented with a manpower-intensive Excel based process, or a system such as GroundHog that uses much less manpower).

Most of the inefficiencies at mines using the longhold open stoping mining method can be attributed to inefficient scheduling, proper equipment availability and utilization, waiting for supplies such as fuels, drill steel, etc, long change over time, dealing with stope related issues and more. And the source of these inefficiencies are due to poor visibility into all the activities going on underground. This eBook will help you understand the best practices to increase production at mines that use the Longhole Stoping Method. Through this eBook, you will not only know about the fundamentals of Longhole Stoping method but also learn in detail about Design, Development, Operation and Safety Efficiency improvement using GroundHog.

With the assistance of GroundHog SIC and FMS, set production goals can be achieved with operational excellence resulting in better tonnage and reduced cost of production.

Please feel free to download this e-book, and book a consultation with one of out Continuous Improvement experts to help you improve tons-per-shift and tons-per-operating-hour.

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