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Improve Long Hole Stoping Design, Development, Operation and Safety Efficiency with GroundHog

GroundHog Solution for Longhole Stoping

For efficient extraction of natural resources, miners should deploy various strategic and tactical levers at different mining stages.


Long hole stoping is a popular method in underground mining due to its proven feasibility and low operational cost. In this method, long hole drilling is employed. Long-hole stoping is a system of large-scale drilling and blasting in which large amounts of ore are broken in single blasts. Blasted slices of rock fall into an open void within the stope. The rock is extracted, and the empty stope is backfilled (delayed backfilling). The method is used for metalliferous mines to extract the ore where both ore and wall rocks are relatively strong.


This eBook will help you understand the best practices to increase production at mines using Long Hole Stoping Method. Through this eBook, you will not only know about the fundamentals of Long Hole Stoping method but also learn in detail about Design, Development, Operation and Safety Efficiency improvement using GroundHog Solution.


With the assistance of GroundHog SIC and FMS, set production goals can be achieved with operational excellence resulting in better tonnage and reduced cost of production. After all, sustainability is one of the most important topics today.

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