GroundHog v7 updates on Intelligent Dispatch and Grade Control

About Version 7.0 :

GroundHog Apps, the leading global provider of connected mine software, today released Version 7.0 of its flagship Short Interval Control and Fleet Management System. Using GroundHog’s bleeding-edge technologies, mines can increase automation, coordination and synchronization to increase tons mined, reduce costs. Also, meet the industry’s vision of streamlined port-to-pit operations. With Intelligent dispatch and grade control facilities, GroundHog strengthens it’s leadership in mining industry.

GroundHog continues to be the #1 product of choice for digitizing mine production, maintenance and safety operations. In addition, Version 7.0 marks a significant expansion of GroundHog’s product capabilities to specifically address the needs of large Open Pit operations.

“The mining industry is going through a sustained period of radical transformation. Everything is getting connected and digitized. These are pre-requisites for the introduction of autonomous mining operations”, said Satish Penmetsa, CEO of Groundhog. “Our track record of technological expertise, combined with our strong focus on interoperability, puts us in a unique position to work seamlessly across mixed-fleet operations. Whether your open-pit mine runs autonomous drills and haul trucks, or manually operated front wheel loaders with simple mechanical levers, Groundhog will boost your operations. No one else comes close.”

GroundHog V7 boosts Mining with Intelligent Dispatch and Grade Control

Intelligent Mine Dispatch :

The enhanced Production Planning System now enables site photos and drone images with supervisor commentary when assigning tasks. So operators know exactly what to do, and where to do it, at the start of the shift. Because this system works out of the box with off-the-shelf iPads and Android tablets. Therefore, Operators can now periodically update their task progress with pictures and get feedback from supervisors on demand.

GroundHog Version 7.0 enables Intelligent Mine Dispatch, providing teams in open-pit mines to effortlessly allocate haul trucks to shovels, excavators, and other equipment. For instance, the heavily upgraded smart algorithms now prioritize and automatically assign equipment and personnel to various production and support tasks in a much more time-efficient and cost-effective manner. The end result: mines can expect measurable improvements in meeting their target tons-per-day requirements.

“The mining industry is at an inflection point. COVID has forced mines to rethink the way they use technology to mine”, said Krishna Kunam, CTO of GroundHog. “You shouldn’t need to be at the site to make data-driven decisions to manage variability, increase production, or proactively respond to shocks that impact production rates. Our cutting-edge technology with telematics integration, and our OpenAPI-based open interoperability model with various OEMs & mining software providers, help our customers mine more tons per shift, faster and safer.”

What's new in the update :

The Materials Management module has also received significant updates. Geologists can now monitor and track all broken ground inventory. So material gets routed to appropriate stockpiles, muckbays and deliveries to the mill – a result of better integration with GIM software. Drill operators, in both Surface and Underground operations, can now scan sample bags and associate them with drill holes. Once these sample bags get assayed, material grade information can automatically be updated so material deliveries can be accurately reconciled.

The Maintenance module now has wide-ranging CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) capabilities, as well as tighter integrations with machine health. Hence, maintenance teams can do condition-based monitoring. Planned and Down maintenance work orders get assigned to technicians that use their tablets to perform shop-entry and shop-exit inspections and repairs. The Maintenance module also integrates with SAP to streamline end-to-end maintenance operations. As a result, the maintenance team can meet its fleet availability objectives.

Moreover, Version 7.0 now has a new Shift Planning interface with an AI based auto-allocation algorithm to streamline and speed up shift changeovers. Its intuitive interface makes shift planning as easy as placing a fast food order on your phone. “We drew a lot of inspiration from project management tools we love and use internally. For instance, tools such as Monday.com and Jira – and adapted those to the mining industry’s planning processes for both open pit and underground mining operations,” said Chan Rachakonda, Product Manager. “This new version is miles ahead of anything else you’ve seen in the industry.”

Customer Friendly Interface :

Today, mining engineers, production planners and dispatch operators are getting younger. They have grown up in a smartphone-driven world and expect the same at work. Simplicity. Performance. Flexibility. Configurability. And they want it right now. GroundHog’s maniacal focus on user-centered design, microservices based architecture, and massively scalable infrastructure helps us deliver on all the demands of this new generation of miners.

GroundHog continues to emphasize enabling data-driven decisions using user-friendly interfaces with each update. Each update also expands the number of OEMs with which GroundHog integrates out of the box. This pace and quality of innovation ensures that GroundHog’s customers continue to have a significant efficiency. Also, with cost edge over other mining companies running Fleet Management Systems provided by OEMs. “With our robust technical expertise, an intense focus on solving customer problems, and the ability and willingness to work every bit as hard as our customers. We will continue to set the pace for our competitors to follow,” says Ajay Koppisetty, Systems Architect at GroundHog. “We use modern design patterns and infrastructures that allow us to accelerate innovation”

In conclusion, Version 7.0 is the latest manifestation of Groundhog’s commitment to the mining industry, and the number one choice for mines who prioritize the safety of their teams and the productivity of their operations. Learn more at https://groundhogapps.com

About GroundHog :

GroundHog (www.groundhogApps.com) is the leading provider of Connected Mine Software to the mining industry. Some of the world’s largest Mines, Quarries and Aggregates use GroundHog’s Short Interval Control, Fleet Management, Blend Management, Real-Time-Location-Tracking, Peer-to-Peer, Intelligent Dispatch, Grade Control, Digital Environmental Health and Safety, and Task Training products to increase production and safety at their operations worldwide. GroundHog Apps has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Reno – Nevada, Hyderabad – India and Singapore.

More information is at www.groundhogApps.com

Press Contact:

Curtis Hart: chart@groundhogApps.com

Sales Contact:

Satish Penmetsa: satish.penmetsa@groundhogApps.com


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Best Practices: Digitization projects require People, Processes AND Technology to be successful. This e-Book gives you a blueprint to successfully rollout any new technology at your site. 

Groundhog: Digital Transformation and Change Management in Mining

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