Join ConnectMine CEO Cesar Benavides and GroundHog CEO Satish Penmetsa for 30 minute live webinar

Martes, 12 May 2020. 3:00 pm Peru Standard Time

COVID-19 has forced all mining operations to halt in South America. Fortunately governments in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia are slowly allowing mines to reopen but with very very strict controls.

In this webinar, Cesar and Satish will go over the new rules in place to restart operations including:

  1. Only employees under 50 years can visit a mine site
  2. Health check questionnaires need to be completed before a miner boards the mine bus
  3. Verification that miner shows no symptoms
  4. Recording miner’s temperature
  5. Recording miner’s heart rates
  6. Automatically calculating miner’s Body Mass Index
  7. Taking a date and time stamped picture of miner
  8. Recording geolocation of miner when health-check is performed

We will also demonstrate an easy to use Android and iOS application that mines can use to stay compliant wit the government’s directives so every mine can continue to mine safely and effectively. 

GroundHog Demo
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