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The worlds largest mines, quarries, aggregates and process plant use GroundHog to digitize their Production and Safety Operations. 

Mines using digital lower their AISC and C1 cash costs


Companies use GroundHog's Mine Digitization Software to mine more tons faster, cheaper and safer.

Short Interval Control (SIC)

Get more tonnes to stockpiles, faster and safer.

Our SIC scheduler helps production teams plan and track production to consistently maximize tons to stockpile by providing data driven insights to give them in-shift agility to minimize the impact of downs and delays to production losses. Using SIC, mines can continuously minimize variance in output.

Short Interval Control took us from 3300 tonnes per day to 4500 tonnes per day – a 36% increase

Miguel Lamadrid

Mine Manager, Barrick Gold

Fleet Management System

Get real-time data on Fleet Health, Face Utilization and Production.

Our FMS helps Ops Centers continuously monitor fleet health, face utilization, equipment availability and utilization, and automatically track tonnage and material movement.


Using GroundHog FMS, we now have an accurate view of our tonnage and have optimized our haul cycles. We’ve also streamlined our daily and monthly reporting and track our ore grades in our stockpiles. We use the Telematics and GeoFencing packages to monitor equipment health and safety.

Paul Stolar

Mine Superintendent

Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

Give operators access to data they need at the face, reliably.

Our Peer-to-Peer technology enables mines to dynamically extend WiFi to the face by creating peer-to-peer networks so miners and supervisors have the information they need to send tasks and design files to the face and capture production data from personnel and equipment at the face so OpsCenter has the information it needs to make informed decisions to meet production targets

Peer-to-peer is a game changer for an operation like ours – trying to get WiFi for the whole 35 miles of drifts is a non-starter. With P2P, we can still get the data we need, fast.

Doug Zwick


Safety Learning Management System

Ensure every miner is trained to do the task they need to perform.

Safety teams use our LMS to create training plans, perform training, issue training certificates and ensure compliance. Our users spend 92% less time on managing training paperwork.


GroundHog LMS truly simplifies training management; Friendly interface; Convenient to access on the PC or Smartphone

Joao Roorda

HSECQ Manager

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