How to Keep Mining Intensity High and LOM Low

Mines work hard to keep their intensity high, which in turn allows them to keep a low LOM. The problem essentially boils down to this, “How do we keep production as high as possible at all times?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t quite as straightforward as the question. In today’s article we will break down what your mine needs to be doing to achieve the highest possible production.

Focus On Improvement, Every Day:

Using groundHog SIC or other similar tools, mines have access to thorough analytics at the end of every day as well as real-time data throughout the day. This means that the focus needs to be on making every day better than the last. With detailed data always available to supervisors, daily schedules can be tweaked and fine-tuned to achieve the best possible performance. Of course there will always be a need for modifications mid-shift for the best performance. However, day-to-day improvements provide a fantastic foundation of great production.

Implement Short Interval Control Systems:

Implementing short interval control is the number one way you can keep mining intensity at a maximum. The short interval meetings conducted throughout the day ensure that anything that would hurt production is dealt with quickly and effectively. Digital SIC systems like groundHog SIC bolster this effect by collecting all necessary data in real-time and allow quick and effective communication even when underground.

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