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Level 1 Analysis:

Financial Model to do a quick cost benefit analysis of using GroundHog's Short Interval Control System

This first pass analysis takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Please download this excel file and use for your analysis.

Cost Benefit Analysis of using GroundHog Short Interval Control

COVID-19 has spurred mines to start evaluating software like GroundHog’s Short Interval Control System. They are also implementing transformational processes and technologies to change the way they mine and to significantly improve productivity and safety. Many mines all over the world have started pilots of GroundHog’s Short Interval Control and Fleet Management system to plan activities in every shift to maximize mining intensity and hence efficiency. 


Investing in a new technology like GroundHog can be a complete game-changer – if you can get the buy-in. You will need to create a business case, determine benefits, determine costs, calculate financial impact, do a sensitivity analysis, determine non-financial impact, summarize your findings and finally, present to the board for budget approval. You will need to demonstrate ROI to get budget approval. 


Having worked with many of the largest mining operations worldwide and having access to production data pre-and-post GroundHog, we worked with a few of our customers and management consultants to build two financial models to help you build a business case for using Short Interval Control at your Open-Pit or Underground mine. 


Our experience tells us that a mine that had been running a dispatch system increased their production (tons to surface) by 36% (without adding new equipment or personnel) after deploying Short Interval Control running GroundHog. Mines without dispatch have seen an increase in production by over 250% by better sequencing their work. 


Here is a Level 1 model to make your business case for a Short Interval Control System.

The other is more comprehensive and includes any additional CAPEX investments your mine may need to make to handle the additional ore mined. That model is available for download here.


For example, an underground mine producing 140,000 tonnes of Copper has an NPV of US$ 132 Million (download and make adjustments the model). 


We at GroundHog can assist you with building your business case, including helping you build these financial impact models and run sensitivity and risk analysis.


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Here is a link to our latest press release about GroundHog v6.6

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